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The sights of Argentina cannot be briefly described - this is a country rich in historical monuments, natural beauties and unique entertainment. The capital is Buenos Aires, a favorite place for tourists. Here the tourist infrastructure is especially developed. Guests of the capital can relax on snow-white beaches, visit mountain peaks, admire waterfalls, endless steppes. For lovers of skiing there are many resorts.



Argentina is the fourth most visited country in the Americas. In 2010 it was visited by 5.3 million tourists. Such popularity is justified by a comfortable climate and a wide variety of interesting places. Many tourists come to Buenos Aires. The city is European, but with its own, South American charm. There are many museums, beautiful streets, well-developed infrastructure. Different areas of the city have a very diverse atmosphere. The nature of Argentina has incredible beauty. All areas of Patagonia are very popular. Excursions are conducted in national parks, tourists come to go mountain climbing or skiing. The beauty of the glaciers fascinates visitors and replenishes the country's budget well. In addition to severe ice in Argentina, there are rocky deserts with extraordinary reliefs and secrets. The Moon Valley with its stones has puzzled more than one scientist.

What to see ?

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Arnulfo Barron  21-02-2022

Ischigualasto National Park is a natural monument of UNESCO. It is located in the northern part of the province of San Juan, occupying an area of more than 600 square kilometers, and rising 1300 meters above sea level. 

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Nahuel Huapi National Park
Salvador Singleton 10-03-2022

Nahuel Huapi National Park is located in the province of Rio Negro, but part of it belongs to the neighboring province of Neuquen. It is the oldest national park in Argentina. It arose due to the fact that the famous Argentine scientist and explorer Francisco Moreno at the beginning of the 20th century transferred 75 square kilometers of land to the state for this purpose.

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Arline Knapp  19-03-2022

As you know, Iguazu Falls are located on the territory of two national parks - on the Brazilian and on the Argentine side, which will be discussed now. Argentina's Iguazu National Park was officially established in 1934 on an area of 672 sq. km.


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